마태복음서 21장 44절과 Ρ(104)(P. Oxy. 4404)
Mt 21:44 and Ρ(104)

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서울대학교 종교문제연구소
종교와 문화, 11호, 2005, pp.
신약성서세계연합성서공회Good news Bible마태복음
The Purpose of this article is to demonstrate that Mt 21:44 is a secondary accretion to the text of the New Testament. The whole verse of Mt 21:44 is retained in the text of NA, but enclosed within square brackets. This indicates that the authenticity of the whole verse is disputed in a great degree. The most important reason for the acceptance of Mt 21:44 in the text is probably the strong support of the manuscripts From the view-point of the source criticism (viz. Literarkritik) Mt 21:44 is very likely an interpolation from Lk 20:18 which can be regarded as Luke's "Sondergut." A later copyist seems to have adopted this phrase from Luke 20:18 and inserted it in Mt 21 :44. But this explanation had a too weak support of Manuscripts to be regarded as original (D 33...): internal criterions. 8 years ago (1997) a fragmentary papyrus manuscript is published which contains Mt 21:43, 45 (without 44) in his back side of the leaf (verso): P.Oxy. 4404. According to the text-critical analysis this papyrus fragment belongs to the strict "Überlieferungsweise'(= the manner of copying tradition) and to the strict "Textqualität"(= the quality of the text). That means that the copyist copied his excellent "Vorlage" very carefully, and scarcely made errors. Accordingly the omission of the whole verse obtained a strong witness (104). Now we can regard the verse as a secondary addition, not only on the basis of internal criterions, but also on the basis of external criterions. Mt 21:44 is therefore not to be a part of the "original" text.
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