최시형의 "양천주"사상 형성과정
Study on the Formation of Choe Sihyeong`s Thought: Focused on the Idea of Bringing up God

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dc.identifier.citation종교와 문화, 12호, 2006, pp. 97-131en
dc.description.abstractThis paper examines the formation of Choe Sihyeong's thought, especially focuses on the ideas of bringing up God, "yangcheonju". The writer firstly attempts to explain the various religious ideas of Choe Sihyeong, the second priest of Donghak, such as "yongsiyonghual" ,"yichunsikchun", "sainyochun'(treating everyone as god), "samgyung" (paying respects to god, man and things), "hyangasulwee" (setting up an altar toward self), and so on. These ideas were formed before the "yangcheonju" thought was appeared. In the paper, the writer arranges Choe Sihyeong's religious thoughts by the time announced by Choe according to the Donghak documents. And this paper attempts to classify the Choe's thoughts by a definite period of time. Choe Sihyeong's religious ideas have the feature that in the earlier times those are generally near to the thoughts of Choe Jewoo, the founder of Donghak, but in the last period of his lifetime Choi Sihyeong's thoughts shows the originality.-
dc.publisher서울대학교 종교문제연구소en
dc.subject인내천 사상en
dc.subject양천주 사상en
dc.title최시형의 "양천주"사상 형성과정en
dc.title.alternativeStudy on the Formation of Choe Sihyeong`s Thought: Focused on the Idea of Bringing up Goden
dc.typeSNU Journalen
dc.contributor.AlternativeAuthorLim, Tai Hong-
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College of Humanities (인문대학)Religious Studies (종교학과)종교와 문화(Religion and Culture)종교와 문화(Religion and Culture) 12호(2006)
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