한국 종이산업의 국제경쟁력 결정요인
Factors Determining International Competitiveness of Korean Paper Industry

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장재연; 윤여창
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한국임학회 = Korean Forest Society
한국임학회지 90(3) : 355-362. 2001
Jour. Korean For. Soc. 90(3) : 355-362. 2001
comparative advantagedeterminant factors of international competitivenessDelphi method
이 연구는 우리나라 제지산업의 경쟁력을 평가하기 위하여 경쟁력 결정요인을 분석하여 제지산업 발전을 위한 경쟁력 강화방안을 제시하는 것을 목적으로 수행되었다. 우리나라 제지산업의 국제경쟁력 평가를 위해서 제지산업 전문가를 대상으로 한 델파이 조사를 이용하였다. 제지산업 국제경쟁력 평가는 내수시장 및 수출시장으로 구분하여 지종별로 경쟁력 결정요인을 선정하였다. 우리나라 제지산업의 국제경쟁력을 결정짓는 요인은 품질, 원가, 물류, 납기, 원료, 마케팅, 기타의 순서로 중요성이 인식되었다. 이중 우리나라는 국내 및 수출시장에서 경쟁국과 비교할 때 품질과 납기는 경쟁력이 있으나 원료와 제조원가에 있어서는 경쟁력이 없는 것으로 밝혀졌다.
This study was conducted to propose the way to develop and strengthen competitiveness of the Korean paper industry by analyzing current competitiveness and the factors which determine and influence it. Delphi method was employed to identify determining factors of international competitiveness of Korean paper industry and evaluate the level of competitiveness. The competitiveness both in the domestic and foreign markets was evaluated by analyzing each product market faced by the Korean paper industry in light of each of the determining factors.
Based on the Delphi survey results, in order of importance, product quality, manufacturing cost, transportation and storage, timely delivery, supply of raw materials, and marketing were identified as the factors determining international competitiveness. Among them, it was revealed that Korean paper industry has a certain level of competitiveness in the factors such as product quality and timely delivery service while supply of raw materials and manufacturing costs were found to be inferior to overseas manufacturers in both domestic and foreign markets.
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