비교의 렌즈와 젠더의 렌즈 -균형 잡힌 비교종교학을 위한 연구사-
The Lenses of Comparison and Gender: A Research History for the Equilibrated Comparative Study of Religion

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서울대학교 종교학연구회
종교학연구, Vol.22, 2003, pp.51-90
homo religiosus; 종교적 인간; 여성과 종교; 젠더와 종교
The starting point of this thesis is the importance of the recognition on difference for the theoretical and methodological prospect of religious studies. Here, it takes the concept of 'gender' as a critical term for introducing the problem of difference into the project of comparison. This thesis surveys, analyzes, and evaluates the past and present of researches on the subject of 'gender and religion' in comparative study of religion. For this, first, it examines fruitful achievements of editorial and cooperative efforts among female and male scholars from diverse fields of religious studies. It includes diverse source books, generic volumes, encyclopedias, collections of articles, and periodicals. Second, it examines diverse books on different subjects with different perspectives written by many female and male individuals who utilized the lenses of comparison and gender at the same time for their researches on religions and religious phenomena. Having finished such surveillance, analysis, and evaluation, lastly, it probes how the lenses of comparison and gender combined into a scope can open out the future of equilibrated comparative study of religion as a discipline of humanities searching for the understanding of the others.
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College of Humanities (인문대학)Religious Studies (종교학과)종교학연구(Journal of Religious Studies) 종교학연구(Journal of Religious Studies) 22집(2003)
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