There is no spoon: Hero and Soteriology in the Modern Myth of the "Matrix"

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Seong, Hae Yeong
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서울대학교 종교학연구회
종교학연구, Vol.22, 2003, pp.135-153
modern mythmatrix
Human beings cannot live without myth. It is a little bit daring to proclaim this, however I believe it to be so. Throughout human history myth was the important tool that provided us with insight into the origin of life, however in modern times the essential value of myth has been forgotten due to rationalistic trends. In this way, modern people have lost the power of myth, which is often closely connected with the ultimate meaning of life. Furthermore, as Mircea Eliade has pointed out, we do not realize the danger of losing myth altogether Eliade, Mircea. Images et Symboles, 11p-29p(translated) by Lee, Jae-Sil. Kachi Press.1997. Even though this might be the case, some people continue to feel the importance of myth and,intuitively and sensitively are looking for an alternative myth, or a modern myth. This myth is the movie, which is one of the latest forms of cultural creation and was made possible only due to the developments of science. The theater is now the modern 'sacred cave' in which the sacred story is heard. We satisfy our thirst for essential power by watching the 'sacred story' that enablesus to regain the power of life.
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College of Humanities (인문대학)Religious Studies (종교학과)종교학연구(Journal of Religious Studies) 종교학연구(Journal of Religious Studies) 22집(2003)
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