산림자원계정 개발에 관한 연구 : 목재생산, 탄소고정, 산림휴양을 중심으로
A Study on the Development of Forest Resource Account : With a Special Reference to Timber Production, Carbon Fixation, and Forest Recreation

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박동균; 윤여창
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한국산림경제학회 = Korean Forest Economics Society(KFES)
산림경제연구 5(2): 29-45
Green GNPForest Resource AccountCaron fixationForest Recreation
The objectives of this study are to develop the Forest Resource Account(FRA) and to construct the physical and monetary FRA on timber production, carbon fixation, and forest recreation. This study considers for the period of 1985-1994 only to examine the recent forest changes in growing stocks, and the amount of carbon fixation and forest recreation among the non-timber values of forest in FRA due to a lack of data and information on other values.
FRA is a management tool that integrates forest information from many sources and makes it possible for decision-makers to evaluate and carry out forest policies and planning. The definition of the physical FRA is to monitor stocks and flows of timber production, the amount of carbon fixation, and forest recreation use in physical terms. The economic value of annual net growing stock was evaluated using current prices of stumpage value. The value of growing stock in the productive forest was around 4,949 billion won as of 1994, whereas net annual increment value was 23.6 billion won. This annual increment value can be entered the Green GNP as an increase in national wealth. Total amount of net carbon fixation from the whole forest was about 7 million(tC) employing IPCC approach and the monetary value was estimated $224 million for the whole forest in 1994, using carbon tax $50/tC and 50 year rotation. Demand function for the forest-type national park was estimated to measure the participation rate of forest recreation by the population of above 18-year old. Consumer surplus of forest recreation was used to measure the willingness-to-pay to visit the forest recreation sites. The monetary value of forest recreation was found to be 3,717 billion won in 1994.
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