표고의 수요전망 및 시장개방에 대한 대응방안
A Prediction of Demand for Shiitake Mushroom in South Korea and the Counter Policy for the Mushroom Growers

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손철호; 윤여창
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한국산림경제학회 = Korean Forest Economics Society(KFES)
산림경제연구 2(1): 91-105
Shiitake mushroomDemand predictionPolicy alternatives
As the household income is increasing and the food safety becomes a critical issue in South Korea, the demand for Shiitake mushroom has been increased sharply in recent years. The result of econometric analysis suggests that the demand for Shiitake mushroom is very much sensitive to the changes in its o m price and the disposable income of consumers. The scenario analysis based on the commerce policy of South Korea indicates that the per capita consumption of Shiitake mushroom -will double. during the nex7 decade.
To meet the rising demand for Shiitake mushroom, the importation of Chinese mushroom will be more than doubled during the next decade. For the same period, the domestic production of Shiitake mushroom will also be increased about 40-50 percent compared to the current level of 2000 metric ton per year. To make the domestic growers competitive, the development of high quality fungi clone through research is needed while improvement of oak stands is demanded for the supply of bed logs. To reduce the labor requirement for mushroom production, the mechanization of mushroom cultivation is suggested. Finally, the distribution of fresh mushroom is considered to be more competitive to the imported Shiitake.
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