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The Evaluation of Agricultural Functions for Public Benefits by Delphi Method

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김은자; 이한기; 윤여창
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한국농촌계획학회 = Korean Society of Rural Planning
농촌계획 Vol. 7 No.2 pp. 55-64 2001년 8월
The objectives of this study were 1) to evaluate the environmental and social cultural public benefits but a food supply, 2) to revalue the importance of rural and rural living.
This study was carried out through review of literature, a delphi technique, a case study. It was mainly used the delphi technique by expert group. Major findings were as follows ;
1. The public benefits in rural were classified into three categories: social culture natural environment economic & etc.
2. To evaluate the values for public benefits, questionaries were developed by expert group, and the total number of items were 30.
3. There were picked out 12 items on social culture, 10 items on natural environment, and 8 items on economic & etc of public benefits in rural.
4. In the public benefits, a food supply was highest in total 30 items, and water resources contain, emotional-psychological rest, place of environment education, beautiful view, etc were followed in order.
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