A Twenty Seven Year Experience of Open Heart Surgery at Seoul National University Hospital
서울대학교병원에서의 개심술 치험

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Lee, Yung-Kyoon
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Seoul National University College of Medicine
Seoul J Med 1986;27(3):193-199
Open heart surgeryOperative mortality rate
For twenty seven years from 1959 to 1985, 4,115 cases of open heart surgery
utilizing cardiopulmonary bypass were done in the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery,
Seoul National University Hospital. Among 4,115 cases operated, congenital heart disease
comprised 72.5% (2,982 cases), and acquired heart disease comprised 17.5% (1,133 cases).
The operative mortality rate on congenital heart disease was 8.9% and the rate on acquired
heart disease was 8.0%. Among cases operated due to congenital anomalies, 1,963 cases
were acyanotic and 1,019 cases were cyanotic varieties; the operative mortality rate of the
former was 3.7% and that of the latter was 18.9%. Valvular heart disease was the major
cause of open heart surgery in acquired heart disease with the operative mortality rate of
7.8%. During the burgeoning period, mortality rate was high and the number of operated
cases was small. But as the experiences accumulated year by year, the mortality rate decreased
rapidly and markedly and plummeted to less than 5% in recent years. But many
problems associated with high operative mortality rate in cyanotic patients should be solved
and it is expected that coronary artery bypass surgery will increase rapidly in a few years.
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