Studies on Intestinal Trematodes in Korea XV. Tegumental Ultrastructures of Fibricola seoulensis according to Developmental Stages
한국의 장흡충에 관한 연구 XV. Fibricola seoulensis 표피 미세구조의 발육단계별 변화

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Lee, Soon-Hyung; Hong, Sung-Jong; Chai, Jong-Yil; Seo, Byong-Seol
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Seoul National University College of Medicine
Seoul J Med 1985;26(1):52-63
FibricolaSEMTegumentDevelopmentSpinesSensory papillaeTribocytic organ
Tegumental ultrastructures of FibricoJa seouJensis were studied by means of
scanning electron microscopy according to their developmental stages. Metacercariae were
obtained from the snakes, and the juvenile and adult worms were recoverd from small intestine
of albino rats after experimental infection.
Metacercariae revealed their characteristic spoon-shaped, ventrally concave body, and primordial
stage of hindbody. External structures of oral sucker, ventral sucker and tribocytic
organ were visible. Excretory pore was seen at postero-dorsal portion of subterminal body.
Whole body surface was covered with simple, triangular spines. Uni-ciliated type I sensory
papillae were distributed sparsely on whole surface but densely around oral and ventral
suckers and peripheral margin. Round swellings, type II papillae, were recognizable but
confined to lips of two suckers. More differentiated spines, 3-4 pointed ones, were seen in
2-day old juveniles, and primitive forms of the third type papillae appeared in 3-day old ones.
In adults, hindbody had grown remarkably and revealed fine, velvety tegument. Tribocytic
organ had stout recurved spines and honeycomb-like internal structures. Whole forebody was
covered with serrated spines but hindbody was completely aspinous. But type III (round
swellings without cilia) and type N (with cilia) sensory papillae appeared in hindbody. These
papillae were suggested to be tango-, rheo- and/or chemoreceptive in function.
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