Electric Double-Layer Capacitor Performance of a New Mesoporous Carbon

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Yoon, Songhun; Lee, Jinwoo; Hyeon, Taeghwan; Oh, Seung M.
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Electrochemical Society
J. Electrochem. Soc., 147, 2507 (2000)
A new mesoporous carbon (NMC) was prepared, and its performance in an electric double-layer capacitor (EDLC) was compared
to that of a conventional carbon (a molecular-sieving carbon, MSC25). The effect of pore size and pore connection pattern on EDLC
performance was demonstrated. To prepare NMC, phenol resin was synthesized inside the pores of an inorganic template, Mobile
Composite Material 48 (MCM48), and the resulting resin-template composite was carbonized at 7008C under Ar atmosphere. A
coke-like carbonaceous material was obtained after removing the inorganic template by HF treatment. The surface area of NMC
was 1257 m2 g21 which is smaller than that of MSC25 (1970 m2 g21). NMC had three-dimensionally interconnected mesopores
(2.3 nm average diam), but randomly connected cage-like micropores (<2.0 nm) were dominant in MSC25. The difference in the
pore size and pore connection pattern between the two carbons gave rise to a remarkable difference in their EDLC performances.
NMC exhibited a smaller specific capacitance (about 120 F g21) than MSC25 as a result of its smaller surface area, but it showed
a higher critical scan rate than the MSC25 electrode due to a smaller resistance-capacitance (RC) time constant. The specific charging
capacity of the NMC electrode was about 20 mAh g21 and was largely invariant vs. the charge-discharge rate. This was contrasted
by MSC25 which showed a steadily decreasing capacity with an increase in rate. As a result, the NMC electrode outperformed
the MSC25 based on rate capability. The smaller RC time constant and better rate capability of the NMC electrode apparently
arises from the lower electrolyte resistance in pores, which in turn stems from the faster ionic motion in larger pores.
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