한국인후두에 관한 체지인류학적 연구 제3편 후두연골화골에 관하여
Anthropological Studies on the Larynx in Korean Part Ⅲ. The Ossification of the Laryngeal Cartilages

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Seoul National University College of Medicine
Seoul J Med 1962;3(1):75-86
The author studied on the ossification of the laryngeal
cartilages obtained from 35 male and 20 female
adults by X-Ray.
The results obtained were as follows:
I) Ossification is seen in the thyroid cartilage in 80.0
±3.81% of the total cases, the cricoid cartilage in
61.8±4.57%' and the arytenoid in only 45.5±4.75%.
Ossification of the thyroid cartilage shows the highest
2) Most frequently the ossification of the thyroid cartilage
is at the posterior margin, inferior cornu, and
inferior thyroid tubercle in the male and the posterior
margin and inferior cornu in female. In the cricoid
cartilage it is seen most frequently at the arytenoid
articular surface and thyroid articular surface
areas. The base of the arytenoid cartilage is most
frequently involved.
3) There is a definite order of appearence of the ossification
which is especially marked in the male. It
progresses from the inferior cornu base area toward
anterior, sperior and anteriosuperior sides of the
thyroid cartilage. it progresses from the arytenoid
articular surface and thyroid articular surface areas
toward the lamina and arch, in the cricoid cartilage
and from the base toward the central area in the
arytenoid cartilage.
4) There is a distinct difference between the sexes in
the form of the ossification in the thyroid cartilage,
while the difference in the cricoid and arytenoid cartilages
are not uniform.
5) The ossified areas of the laryngeal cartilages generally
become wider with increasing age, although
there are some individual differences.
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