Effect of Damage to the Amygdala on Stress Mechanism in Rats

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Kim, Chang Uk
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Seoul National University College of Medicine
Seoul J Med 1962;3(1):105-108
Twenty-six Sprague-Dawley male rats weighing
around 300 gm. were divided into two equal groups.
and in one group electrolytic lesion was produced
under Nembutal in the amygdaloid nuclei on both
sides (amygdala-damaged group), while the other
group which underwent exactly the same produre except passage of current served as control.
Seventy-two hours after the electrode placement.
every rat was subjected to left adrenalectomy under
ether and this procedure was regarded as a stress.
Four hours after stress the animal was sacrificed by
rapid decapitation and the ascorbic acid content of
each adrenal gland was measured colorimetrically,
Both amygdala-damaged and control group reacted
to the stress with marked depletion of adrenal
ascorbic acid content. But the decrease in adrenal
ascoribic acid content following stress was less
pronounced in amygdala-damaged rats than in control
animals. The difference was significant at 2% level.
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