한국인태아의 신형태에 관한 연구
A Morphological Study on the Kidney of Koraen Fetuses

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Seoul National University College of Medicine
Seoul J Med 1962;3(2):37-43
A morphological study was made on the kidney of
Korean fetuses 244 cases (male 132, female 112) from
the 4th to the 10th fetal month including the length.
width. thickness, weight of the kidney and supplementary
body weight.
1) The length. width and thickness of the kidney
increased gradually as the fetus grew. but in the
increasing rate. the length had the most rapid growth.
while the thickness had the slowest rate.
2) No significant sexual differences were revealed.
however. it seems that the male's increasing rate
always led the female.
3) In comparing the right and left kidney, the left
one showed higher value than the right one in the length and weight which had a higher increasing rate
than the width and thickness in growth. This result
would be effected from the inhibition of the growth
of the right kidney by the development of the liver.
4) The index of the width to the length of the
kidney came down slightly in value from the 4th to
the 5th fetal month. but it kept a constant value(about
66%) from the 5th to the 10th fetal month.
The index of the thickness to the length of the kidney
went up slightly in value from the 4th to the 5th fetal
month. but kept a constant value (about 55%) from
the 4th to the 10th fetal month.
Judging from the above mentioned results we might
say that the thin and wide kidney in early fetal stage
became comparatively thick and narrow after the 5th
fetal month. Therefore the kidney balanced itself in
the length, width and thickness.
5) The width of the kidney had a significant higher
value in comparison with Japanese fetuses through all
fetal months.
6) The increasing growth rate of the kidney was in
direct proportion to the body weight.
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