인삼 및 녹용의 철대사에 대한 작용
Actions of Panax Ginseng and Cervus Unicolor on the Iron Metabolism

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오진섭; 이문호; 이민재; 강수상
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Seoul National University College of Medicine
Seoul J Med 1962;3(2):45-48
The action of Panax Ginseng and Cervus Unicolor on
the hematopoietic function and iron metabolism have
been studied using radioiron (Fe59).
Rats were fed on by Ginseng contained diet for 30-40
days in prior to the experiment and 1.0 ml of whole
blood was injected intraperitoneally in each animal before
Fe59 injection.
Cervus Unicolor was injected for six animals were
treated with similar way as Ginseng treatment. After
24 hours of the whole blood injection. O. 3,uc of Fe59
was injected intravenously in those hypertransfused
animals and the whole blood was obtained after 18 to 20
hours of injection. and its radioactivity was counted
with Well-Scintillation counter.
The incorporation of Fe59 into erythrocytes have
been increased in the animals treated with Panax Ginseng
and the differences were statistically significant.
However, it was observed that the effect of Cervus
Unicolor was not significant as well as that of Panax
And Panax Ginseng and Cervus Unicolor had no
influence upon the value of hematocrit.
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