각종산소농도환경에 있어서의 규폐환자의 환기기능에 관한 연구
Ventilatory Function Tests on the Silicotics under the Vairous Oxygen Tensions

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Seoul National University College of Medicine
Seoul J Med 1962;3(2):59-79
The resting minute volume and the 40kg loading
exercise ventilation were measured on 58 healthy and
101 silicotic subjects, in various concentrations of
oxygen. The results may be summarized as follows:
1) The resting minute volume was affected little, if
any. by the age, and the silicotic in general showed
slightly low value as compared with the control group.
2) In the 10% oxygen environment, both the healthy
and the silicotic groups showed markedly increased
resting minute volumes when compared with those in
the room air. The elevation of the volumes was particularly
remarkable in the latter group, but the situation
was rather reversed after 50 years of age.
3) In the 80% oxygen environment. there was a
tendency to increase the resting minute volumes in
both groups to a slight degree.
4) The exercise ventilation was larger in the silicotics
than in the control group. and the difference was
widened greatly with the growing age.
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