Diencephalic Disorders

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Yoo, Suckjin
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Seoul National University College of Medicine
Seoul J Med 1962;3(2):91-109
1. Clinical literatures, relating to the diencephalon
and disorders arising from its changes, were briefly
reviewed with a review and case presentation of
"periodic somnolence".
2. Observations of both ~reported cases and my
cases of "periodic somnolence" made the author to assume these cases probably as of diencephaiic nature
not only because of the existence of somnolence
itself but also bacause of many other diencephalic
symptoms in the realm of emotional and personality
spheres, as well as in the realm of visceral and
somatic functional spheres.
3. After the review, the remained question, why
many pathological changes in the diencephalic region
fail to produce the syndrome, was discussed; and
constitutional concepts as well as psychodynamic
concepts on certain disorders' group relating to the
diencephalon were commented.
4. However, no claim was yet clearly made for
the thesis, that in view of the diencephalic evidence,
the cortical concept of these disorders must be
abandoned. On the contrary the observations may
tend rather to indicate more clearly the importance
of the cortex and its relations with so called lower
centres (Alpers3)),
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