Possible Mechanism on Enhanced Blood Compatibility, Biostability, and Anticalcification of Sulfonated Polyethyleneoxide-Grafted Polyurethane

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Han, Dong-Keun; Lee, Kyu-Back; Choi, Jin-Wook; Kim, Cheol-Sang; Kim, Hee-Chan; Kim, Young-Ha; Min, Byoung-Goo
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Seoul National University College of Medicine
Seoul J Med 1992;33(4):317-326
PolyurethaneSurface modificationPU-PEO-S₃SmoothnessHydrophilicityBlood compatibilityBiostabilityAnticalcification
To investigate the correlation between blood compatibility and
biostability as well as the calcification-resistance of polymers, the surface of
polyurethane (PU) was grafted with hydrophilic polyethyleneoxide (PEO), and further
negatively charged sulfonate groups (S03) to produce PU-PEOIOOO and PU-PEOIOOOS03,
respectively. PEO-S03 grafted PU surface showed great smoothness and high
hydrophilicity. PU-PEOIOOO-S03 was much more blood compatible than untreated PU
and PU-PEOlOOO from the results of in vitro platelet adhesion test and blood clotting
times and ex vivo occlusion times. After 6 months implantation in rats, the degree of
surface cracking and calcification on explanted PUs was decreased in the following order:
PU ) PU-PEOIOOO ) PU-PEOlOOO-S03, meaning that PU-PEOlOOO-S03 is most
promising as a biostable and calcification-resistant polymer. It is suggested that the
more blood compatible modified PUs are, the more biostable and calcification-resistant.
Such superior blood compatibility, biostability, and anticalcification of PU-PEOlOO
0-S03 might be attributed to the synergistic effect of nonadhesive and mobile PEO and
negative sulfonate acid groups. Therefore, surface-modified PU-PEO-S03is expected to
be useful for blood/tissue contacting biomedical material.
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