A Study on the Pattern of Health Care Utilization by Age and Sex in Korea
우리나라의 성별, 연령별 의료이용 양상에 관한 연구

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Kim, Yong-Ik
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Seoul National University College of Medicine
Seoul J Med 1988;29(4):343-351
Health care utilizationPhysician visit rateAdmission rateHealth care for the elderly
This study was conducted to investigate the pattern and the trend of health care
utilization"by age and sex in Korea. The theme was taken to understand what age and sex
group consumes health care more heavily, and in what age and sex group the utilization rate
of health care has increased more rapidly. Data from two nation-wide household surveys for
health care utilization, and Medical Insurance Statistical Yearbooks of Korea Medical Insurance
Corporation were used for the calculation of physician visit rate and admission rate.
The pattern of health care utilization by age was found to be an U-shaped curve, in which
the rate of utilization was high at both extremes of age and low in the age group of youth
and young adulthood. It may be partly attributed to the differences in morbidity by age.
Sexual difference in utilization was observed, but there were some discrepancies between the
ambulatory care and the inpatient care. In the age group above 45, admission rate in male
were higher than those in female. Marked increase in health care utilization rate in the
elderly by year and expanding population composition of the elderly in Korea suggest that
the health policies to meet the increasing health care demand of the elderly be necessary.
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