당뇨병에 관한 의사학적연구
Medico-Historical Study on Diabetes Mellitus

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1962;3(3):63-69
The author has made a review as to the improvement
of the knowledge on Diabetes Mellitus based on
the Korean classical literatures on medicine.
Hyang·Yak-Ku-Kub-Bang(JOO~;J&f.2;1i), the oldest
medical book published in 13th century (the reign of
King Kojong of Koryu Dynasty), shows,as the symptoms
of So-Kal(mm, thirsty sensation) polyuria and decrease
of body weight.
In Hyang-Yak-Chib-Sung-Bang(JllJl~~gl(;1i), published
in 1433(the reign of King Sejong of Lee Dynasty) is
added sweetness of urine to the above-mentioned
symptoms of So-Kal,
But. in, the most outstanding
medical book in Korean classical medicine
published in 1613(the reign of King Kwanghai of Lee
Dynasty), the descriptions on the symptoms of So-Kal
are far more close to those of Diabetes Mellitus of
modern medicine, compared with the descriptions in
Hyang-Yak-Ku-Kub-Bang and Hyang-Yak-Chib-SungBang.
The author. for this reason, chose Tong-Ui-Bo-Kam
to look into the knowledge on Diabetes Mellitus that
bears Korean classical medicine and to make a critique
on it in the view point of modern medicine.
The conclusions thus obtained are as following.
1) The etiology of So-Kal that thirsty is attributed to
heat and excess of positive spirit is but a very
primitive one_
3) So-Kal bears much resemblance in its symptoms Mellituswith
those of Diabetes Mellitus.
3) The fact that they recognized sweet urine in
So-Kal makes us feel if they used the urine test in
the diagnosis.
4) It's remarkable that they indicated furuncle and
loss of eyesight as the complications of So-Kat though
these are but a part of the whole complications of
Diabetes Mellitus confirmed in modern medicine.
5) There are. for the treatment of So-Kat many
prescriptions enumerated. single or compound form.
However. the author thinks that we have to expect
for the further pharmacological researches on the
medicinal plants included therein before we can tell
their efficiency.
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