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A Study on Epithelial Metaplasia of Draining Bronchus in Pulmonary Tuberculous Lesion.

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함의근; 김진식; 이제구
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1965;6(2):1-10
Observations on epithelial metaplasia of draining
bronchus in pulmonary tuberculous lesion were made on
52 male and 6 female lobectomy cases. Ages of the
cases ranged from 23 to 53 years. Three sections were
taken from the definite sites of the draining bronchus
of each case for this study.
It is an established finding the three phases, namely,
basal cell hyperplasia, transitional metaplasia and
squamous metaplasia, of epithelial metaplastic changes are observed in this draining bronchus. These three
phases in the development of bronchial epithelial
metaplasia are considered to be gradual changes.
Authors observed various gradational phases of bronchial
epithelial metaplasia in addition to the above three.
in varing stages of its development, ranging from almost
normal-looking columnar epithelium to well developed
cornified squamous epithelium, even extending to the
submucosal secretory ducts and glands.
Encountered in them, however, are neither findings of
atypical metaplasia nor of precancerous lesion.
Out of 58 male and female examined, 31 cases (approximately
54%) revealed epithelial metaplasia of draining
bronchus in pulmonory tuberculous lesion.
Epithelial metaplasia was observed most frequently in
cases with multiple cavitary lesions of pulmonary
tuberculosis. Out of 52 male cases examined, 28 cases
(approximately 54%) revealed metaplasia. Out of 6
female cases, 3 cases (approximately 50%) revealed
metaplasia. Metaplasia are observed more frequently in
the section taken from the distal portion than from the
other proximal portions of draining bronchus.
Out of 31 cases with epithelial metaplasia of the
draining bronchus, 3 cases revealed metaplastic changes
in all of the three sections taken from the definite sites
of the bronchi, while 17 cases revealed in only one
section out of three.
The draining bronchi located in the lower part of
the lungs appear to be more vulnerable to epithelial
metaplasia than in those of the upper part of the lungs.
And metastatic changes were observed more frequently
in bronchi of the left lung than in those of the right
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