Deuterium Oxide의 흰쥐 복막강내 이동
Transport of Deuterium Oxide from the Peritoneal Cavity of the Rat's

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1965;6(2):49-57
injected into the peritoneal cavity of unanesthetized
female rats, and the distribution of it was measured in
plasma, intestinal wall, intestinal content, liver, kidney,
heart and in the skeletal muscle. Animals were sacrificed
at 3 min., 6 min.. 12 min. or 30 min. after the injection.
In 6 animals the extent of the diffusion of DzO, injected
after death, in the abdominal organs in the period of 10
minutes was examined. The number of animals used for
present study totalled 30. The results obtained were as
1. When DzO of 0.75 ml was injected it was removed
from the peritoneal cavity mostly by the mean of the
circulation of blood or lymph. Direct diffusion to the
abdominal organs seemed to be scanty.
2. In the rats receiving 1.5 ml of DzO the kidney, heart
and skeletal muscle owed their content of the test
substance to the general circulation. On the other hand,
intestinal wall, intestinal content and the liver were
predominantly supplied by direct diffusion from the
peritoneal cavity.
3. By injection of 3 ml of DzO it promptly diffused into
the organs as well as into the intestinal content, except
to the skeletal muscle. Circulation washed out D2O thereafter.
4. The surface of all abdominal organs seemed to serve
as a diffusible surface for water and it was also postulated
that there would be massive exchange of solutes
between organs and the peritoneal cavity.
5. Rapid penetration of DzO into intestinal content was
in accord with the quick mixing of DzO within the
ascitic and edematous depot.
6. It seems to be rational to put DzO in the peritoneal
cavity of the animal for the measurment of the total
body water by the dilution method.
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