토끼 혈액의 H+ 완충능력과 급성과탄산증에서의 K+ 이동
In vivo and in vitro CO2 Buffer Curves on Rabbit and Potassium Transfer

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1968;9(4):15-24
In vivo and in vitro CO2 buffer curves for blood
were determined from 29 rabbits breathing room air,
10% CO2 in air, and 20% CO, in air. In vivo blood
CO2 buffer curve had a slope of 26. 5 mEq/L, pH. In
vitro blood had a slope of 40. 4 mEq/L, pH and seperated
plasma had a slope of 6. 4 mEq/L, pH.
In order to determine the metabolic component which
developes during respiratory acidosis, bicarbonate
concentrations which wouJdexist at pH 7.40 were
calculated. Almost all animal revealed that metabolic
acidosis was superimposed on severe (20% CO, inhalation).
respiratory acidosis because the plasma bicarbonate
concentration during elevated CO, tensions did
not attain the value it would attain from blood in
equilibrium with the same CO2 tension in vitro. It did
not appear that much of this "bicarbonate deficit"
was due simply to the fact that the in vivo CO,
blood buffer curve had a lower slope than in vitro
curve and in vivo blood has much greater distribution space of additional bicarbonate, formed with increased
CO, tension through interstitium. Average bicarbonate
deficit of approximately 6.4 mEq/L was present when
arterial PC0 2 had risen more than 100 mmHg in an
Plasma potassium concentration was compared before
and during 10%, 20% CO2 breathing. Rabbits regularly
showed an increase in plasma potassium concentration
during breathing of 20% CO2 mixture, Especially,
immediately following returning to room air breathing,
there was a further rise in this concentration. This tendency
was more marked in the rabbits exposed to high
CO2 for a prolonged period. Although quantitative
analysis for the relationship between each plasma
hydrogen ion concentration and the potassium failed,
the pattern of changes in plasma potassium before
and during hypercapnia was highly significant.
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