Immunocytochemical Study on the Extrahypothalamic Projections of Oxytocinergic and Vasopressinergic Neurons in the Mouse
생쥐 Oxytocin 및 Vasopressin 신경세포의 시상하부외로성 투사섬유에 관한 면역세포화학적 연구

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Park, Kyeong Han; Cho, Sa Sun; Lee, Kwang Ho
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Seoul National University College of Medicine
Seoul J Med 1988;29(2):97-105
OxytocinVasopressinExtrahypothalamic projectionsImmunocytochemistryMouse
An immunocytochemical study on the pathways and distribution of extrahypothalamic
projections of oxytocinergic and vasopressinergic neurons was performed. Monoclonal
antibodies to oxytocin and vasopressin, avidin-blottn-peroxidase complex, vibratomy,
and free floating methods were applied in the immunocytochemical procedure of the mouse
Oxytocinergic fibers arose from the paraventricular nucleus and bed nucleus of the stria terminalis
and projected mainly to the brain stem. The fibers to the brain stem followed two major
courses and reached the central gray area, lateral reticular nucleus, dorsal motor nucleus of
vagus, locus coeruleus, etc. Other fibers projected to the various regions of the forebrain such
as the amygdala, and the septal nuclei. Vasopressinergic fibers were present mainly in the
amygdala, and a few fibers were observed in the lateral habenula and lateral reticular nucleus.
In certain nuclei, the oxytocingergic and vasopressinergic fibers ramified and formed the
perineuronal punctate structures.
The extensive pathway in the central nervous system and synaptic-like localization of oxytocinergic
and vasopressinergic fibers revealed in this study support their role as neuromodulators
or neurotransmitters and a wide variety of their functions in the behavioral process, memory,
and modulation of autonomic nervous system. In view of its localization, oxytocin is
thought to playa dominant role in the regulation of the autonomic nervous system.
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