Distribution of Mixture of Anti-CEA and Anti-CA 19-9 F(ab')₂Antibodies in Human Tumor Xenograft
누드 마우스에 이종이식된 인체종양에서 항 CEA 및 항 Ca 19-9 F(ab')2 단세포군 항체의 분포

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Lee, Myung Chul; Lee, Myung Hae; Park, Jae-Gahb; Cho, Bo Youn; Koh, Chang-Soon; Jeong, Jae Min
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Seoul National University College of Medicine
Seoul J Med 1988;29(3):271-276
RadioimmunodetectionCEACA 19-9Monoclonal antibody F(ab')₂fragmentHuman colon cancer xenograft
The in vivo localization of a mixture of radioiodinated monoclonal antibody
F(ab')z fragments of CEA and CA 19-9 was investigated in human colon cancer xenograft in
nude mice. Scintigrams were taken 3 and 5 days after injection of 131I-labeled fragments in
mice bearing transplanted tumor. Mice were killed afterward and the radioactivity in each
tissue was analysed. Whole body scintigraphy clearly demonstrated selective localization of
radioactivity over transplanted tumor without background subtraction with tumor:nontumor
ratio of upto 3:1. Though' absolute count in tumor of day 5 was lower than that of day 3,
tumor to nontumor tissue ratio of day 5 was higher than that of day 3. Fragment of both
monoclonal antibodies preferentially localized in tumor tissue compared with normal mouse
IgG, as determined by differential tissue counting of radioactivity, The tumor to blood ratio
for specific antibodies was much greater than that for normal IgG after injection. It is concluded
that a radioactively labeled mixture of anti-CEA and anti-CA 19-9 antibodies is
accumulated by colon carcinoma and that radioimmunodetection using gamma camera
seemed to be useful for the detection of human tumor.
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College of Medicine/School of Medicine (의과대학/대학원)Dept. of Medicine (의학과)The Seoul Journal of MedicineThe Seoul Journal of Medicine Vol. 29 No.3 (1988)
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