Effect of Zinc on Androgen Metabolism In the Rat Ventral Prostate
흰쥐 복측전립선 Androgen 대사에 미치는 Zinc의 효과

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Lee, Chongwook; Park, Chan-Woong; Shin, Sang-Goo; Song, Dong-Keun
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Seoul National University College of Medicine
Seoul J Med 1985;26(4):309-317
ZincAndrogen metabolismVentral prostateRat
The in vitro effect of zinc on the metabolism of androgen was examined to
identify the role of zinc on the regulation of dihydrotestosterone level in the prostate. The
activities of 5 a -reductase and 3 a -hydroxysteroid oxidoreductase were assayed in the
homogenate of the rat ventral prostate with eH)-testosterone or (3H)-dihydrotestosterone as a
substrate in the presence of 5 x 10-4 M NADPH. The zinc content of normal rat ventral
prostate measured by atomic absorption spectroscopy was 29.92 ± 5.56 p g per gm tissue of
wet weight.
The Km and Vmax values of 5-reductase were 353.5 ± 32.3 nM and 41.8 + 1.1
pmole/30 min/mg protein respectively and of 3 a -hydroxysteroid oxidoreductase were 1477.2
± 177.4 nM and 823.2 ± 81. 7 pmole/30 min/mg protein. Zinc inhibited both enzymes in a
non-competitive manner respecting to the substrate. The half inhibition concentration of zinc
on 5 a -reductase and 3 a -hydroxy-steroid oxidoreductase were 18.3 ± 5.2 and 97.4± 33.0
fl M respectively.
From this experiment it was suggested that zinc might play an important role on the
regulation of dihydro-testosterone level in the prostate by influencing the activities of 5 a
-reductase and 3 a -hydroxysteroid oxidoreductase.
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