Guided bone regeneration with beta-tricalcium phosphate and poly L-lactide-co-glycolide-co-epsilon-caprolactone membrane in partial defects of canine humerus

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Oh, Taehoon; Rahman, Md.Mizanur; Lim, Ji-Hey; Park, Mi-Sun; Kim, Dae-Yong; Yoon, Junghee; Kim, Wan Hee; Kikuchi, Masanori; Tanaka, Junzo; Koyama, Yoshihisa; Kweon, Oh Kyeong
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대한수의학회 = The Korean Society of Veterinary Science
J. Vet. Sci 2006, 7, 73–77
TCP/PLGC membranebonedefectdog
This study was performed to evaluate the effect of beta-tricalcium phosphate and poly L-lactide-co-glycolide-co-epsilon-caprolactone (TCP/PLGC)membrane in the repair of partial bone defects in canine proximal humerus. Three adult mixed-breed dogs were used during the experimental period. The length of the defect was quarter of the full length of humerus, and width of the defect was quarter of middle diameter of the lateral aspect of humerus. The humeri of each dog were divided into treatment (TCP/PLGC)and control groups.The defect was covered with TCP/PLGC membrane in treatment group. To evaluate regeneration of the bone, computerized tomography (CT) and histopathologic examination were performed. The radiopaque lines were appeared at the original defect sites in TCP/PLGC group but below the original site in control at 4th week.Radiopacity and thickness of the defect sites, and radiopaque lines were more increased at 8th week than those of 4th week.Histopathologic findings revealed fibrous connective tissue migration into the defect and the migration inhibited the structure of new cortex to be placed in the original level in control whereas new cortex growth was found in the level of original line in TCP/PLGC group.However, the new cortical bone in the TCP/PLGC group was thinner and less organized than the adjacent intact cortex, and the amount of new cancellous bones were also scanty.The result suggested that TCP/PLGC membrane is a good guided bone regeneration material to restore the original morphology of humerus in partial defect.
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