Design of Optimal FIR Filters for Data Transmission
데이타 전송을 위한 최적 FIR 필터 설계

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Lee, Sang Uk; Lee, Yong-Hwan
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Korea Information and Communications Society = 한국통신학회
한국통신학회논문지 vol.18 no.8 pp.1226-1237
fractionally-spaced FIR filter
For data transmission over strictly band-limited non-ideal channels, different types of filters with arbitarary response are needed. In this paper, we proposed two efficient techniques for the design of such FIR filters whose response is specified in either the time or the frequency domain. In particular, when a fractionally-spaced structure is used for the transceiver, these filters can be efficiently designed by making use of characteristics of oversampling. By using a minimum mean-squared error criterion, we design a fractionally-spaced FIR filter whose frequency response can be controlled without affecting the output error. With proper specification of the shape of the additive noise signals, for example, the design results in a receiver filter that can perform compromise equalization as well as phase splitting filtering for QAM demodulation. The second method addresses the design of an FIR filter whose desired response can be arbitrarily specified in the frequency domain. For optimum design, we use an iterative optimization technique based on a weighted least mean sqaure algorithm. A new adaptation algorithm for updating the weighting function is proposed for fast and stable convergence. It is shown that these two independent methods can be efficiently combined together for more complex applications.
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