동종 및 이종 피부조직의 반복주사에 의한 실험적 피부염에 관한 연구
An Experimental Study on Skin Lesions in Rats Induced by Repeated Injections of Homologous and Heterologous Dermal Tissue with Adjuvant

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김찬옥; 이채구
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1971;12(1):45-57
An experimental study on dermatopathologic changes
in albino rats induced by repeated injections of
homologous and heterologous dermal tissue with
Freund's complete adjuvant is carried out, as an
attempt to produce immonologically related chronic
dermatitis and to clarify the nature and significance
of this type of lesion in morphological viewpoint.
Followings are the results:
1. A reliable pathologic alterations of skin is only
observed in the group of animals that were injected
with homogenized rat dermal suspension
with adjuvant.
2. Major histopatholgic changes of epidermis present
hyperkeratosis, parakeratosis, keratotic pluggings,
atrophy, and focal fraying and disruption of
the basement membrane and a rare liquefaction.
In the dermis are moderate degree of sclerosis,
agg regates of mixed inflammatory ceIls, especiatly
around small vascuIatures, subepiderlmal edema
and focal vasculitis. Interstitial myositis is an
another association. These forms of changes are
able to divide the lesions in two groups: ceIlular
exudative and dermal sclerotic.
3. The ceIlular exudative from is of a chronic nonspecific
dermatitis similar to that of human
disorder, and the dermal sclerotic variety resembles
scleroderma and/or dermatomysitis.
4. Adjuvant granulom-as and their necroses are more
extensive in the same group of animals, and
often suggestive Arthus phenomenon is manifest
near the site of injection.
5. Systemic tissue alteralion is not apparent in relation
to immunological cross reaction with dermal collagen, except for the presence of adjuvant
From the above morphologic features, the experimental
dermatitis presently described exhibits many
similarities to those of chronic dermatitis of unknown
etiology and/or to scleroderma-dermatomyositis line,
and it is suggested that an immunological process
may anticipate in one of the pathogenic pathway of
human chronic dermatitis.
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