쇽크에 빠진 세포의 세포내 pH
Intracellular pH During acute Hemorrhagic Shock

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김우겸; 이재성
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1971;12(2):
Intracellular pH was determined by distribution of
5, 5-dimethyl-2, 4-oxazolidinedione (DMO) in skeletal
muscle of dogs maintained in hemorrhagic shock.
1. The more the blood has been bled, and the longer
the animals were maintained in homerrhagic
shock, the lower the pH of extracellular and
intracellular fluid.
2. Venous blood pH decreased drastically from 7.32
to 7.04, however, arterial blood pH changed less
than those of venous blood from 7.38 to 7. 28,
consequently, A-V differences on pH were enlarged.
By the effect of hyperventilation, arterial
Pcos decreased from 34 mmHg to 15 mmHg, on
the contrary, venous blood Peo2 increased from
45 mmHg to 59 mmHg. by the decreased blood
flow through skeletal muscles.
Decrement of pH in venous blood which is
equilibrated with extracellular fluid was not
consistant with the increment in Peo2, this has
been verified by the decrement of venous bicarbonate
ion concentration. These effects were in the
direction that would be expected from the distribution
of lactic acid, IF and/or HC03- across
cell membrane inward or outward. 3. In order to compensate for high tissue Pe02 and low
tissue P0 2 in hemorrhagic shock, animals raised
arterial P0 2 and lowered arterial Pe02 by hyperventilation.
This might be the only way to compensate
peripheral circulatory insuffiency.
4. Decreased intracellular pH, and negligible changes
on intracellular bicarbonate ion concentration in
spite of increased Pe02 represent increased production
of strong acid intracellulary, and higher
buffer contents in intracellular space than those
of extracellular space.
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