인삼 Saponin Fraction이 흰쥐 대뇌피질 Mitochondrial ATPase에 미치는 영향
Effect of Ginseng saponin on ATPase activity of mitochondria

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1971;12(3):173-180
Mitochondria catalyze a group of four reactions
which are believed to represent individual steps or
partial reacitons in the A'I'Pr-forming process. These
reactions take place in the absence of net flow of
electrons down the respiratory chain.
The first of these reactions is the ATPase activity
of mitochondria, which is normaIly very low but
which is greatly stimulated by DNP, so-called "activation
of Latent ATPase activity".
In an attempt to evaluate and compare the effects
on ATP ase activity of the Ginseng saponin, DNP,
ouabain and deoxycholate, the experiments were perfermed with mitochondria obtained from rat brain
The results are summerized as follow;
1. Mitochondrial ATPase activity was increased by
Ginseng saponin especially when saponin was preincubated
with mitochondria.
2. ATPase activity was increased by deoxycholate
but of which effect did not influence on the action of
DNP on ATPase activity.
3. Ginseng saponin significantty elevated the altered
ATPase activity by DNP.
4. Ginseng saponin did not influence the ATPase
activity elevated by deoxycholate.
5. Ginseng saponin significanty elevated A'I'Pase
activity which was depressed by ouabain.
6. It is suggested that Ginseng saponin enhanced
mitochondrial ATPase activity through the direct
action upon the ATPase system rather than the
alteration of mitochondrial membrane structure.
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