Study on Metagonimus yokogawai (Katsurada, 1912) in Korea

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Yeo, Tae-Oh; Seo, Byong-Seol
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1971;12(4):259-267
An epidemiological observation on the human Metagonimiasis in Hadong Gun (County),
South Kyongsang Do (Province), Korea was
And the following results were obtained:
1) Total 521 people consisting of 292 primary
schoolchildren, 67 middleschool students,
102 inhabitants in Hwagae Myon and 60
rural officers and policemen residing all
over the Hadong Gun were examined, by
the combination of cellophane thick smear
technique and formalin-ether technique. Total
221(42.4%) out of 521 were found to discharge
the ova of Metagonimus spp. The positive
rates sharply increased in the age bracket of
20-29. And the male adults were found to be
infected two times more than the females
except 0 to 9 year-group.
2) Stoll's dilution egg counting technique was
applied to 122 specimens. The figure of E. P. G.
(Number of eggs per gram of feces) was
revealed with distinct increase in the age 20
to 29 group, and it was also noted that the
mean E. P. G. in males is about four times
more than that in females. The mean E. P. G.
of all examined was 3, 555.
3) The most of the cases detected were
found to be infected singly with the Metagonimus
spp., who were residing in Hwagae
Myon, and among the cases of metagonimiasis
in rural officers, the mixed infection with
Clonorchis sinensis was found in 45.2 percent.
4) Out of 500 snails (Semisu[ cospira tibertina)
collected in a stream in Hwagae Myon
in September 1969, 45(9.0%) were found
infected with ophthalmo-pleurolophocerclls
cercaria and its redia.
5) In order to make specific diagnosis on the
basis of adultworrns, 4 cases of metagonimiasis
were treated with anthelmintics. All of the
collected worms were identified to be Metagonimus
yokogaUJai (Katsureda, 1912). 6) The heterophyid ova coIIected from the
inhabitants were measured. And some atypical
ova differing from those of M yokogawat".
were also noticed.
Some possibilities of the occurrence of other
kinds of heterophyid trematodes in the surveyed
area were mentioned.
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