항암제 Busulfan이 백서태자에 미치는 영향
The Effect of Busulfan on the Developing Rat Fetuses.

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1974;15(1):9-17
Sprague-Dawley strain rats evere administered
orally three times with the doses of Busulfan
5mg/kg body weight, 10mg/kg body weight and
15mg/kg body weight on the 6th 8th 10th day of
gestation, 7th 9th 11th day of gestation and 9th
11th 13th day of gestation respectively.
Gross anomalies in the fetuses, weight, length
and breadth. of the brain of the live fetusee,
survival rate of fetuses, changes of fetal body
weight and numbers of corpus luteum of maternal
ovaries were studied after hysterectomy on the 22nd
day of gestation and the following results were
1. Most obvious decrease of the survival rate was
observed in the group of 15mg/kg body weight.
Gradual decrease of survival rate was in inverse
accordance with days of gestation.
2. Significant changes of fetal body weight came
out in the results of all groups treated with the
administration of the Busulfan, and in the earlier
administration groups, the more obvious decrease
of the fetal body weight were observed.
3. Gradual decrease of the weight of the brain
appeared in all treated groups in accordance with
the doses administered, and most notable decrease
resulted in the group which was administered with
the dose of 15mg/kg body weight.
4. Obvious reduction of the length of the fetal brain took place in an groups. And the results
were in proportion to the doses.
5. Gradual reduction of the breadth of the fetal
brain was observed in proportion to the doses and
according to the period of gestation treated with
5. The gross anomalies were appeared in all
treated groups, and those were short tail, growth
retardation, microcephalus. hydrocephalus, micromelia,
abnormal number of digits, syndactili and
The abnormal tails were observed in the highest
incidence throughout the anomalies appeared in the
fetuses of experimental groups. Combined anomalies
of micromelia, syndactylia and edema were characteristic.
7. Number of the corpus luteum was not effected
by the administration of the Busulfan.
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