인 대뇌 상측 두회 (Brodmann 제22피질 분야) 피질의 세포 구축 학적 연구보유
Contribution to the Studies on the Cytoarchitectonics of the Superior Temporal Gyrus (Brodmann's Area 22) of Korean

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1974;15(3):184-208
This investigation is a study on the cytoarchitectonics
of the cortex in superior gyrus (Brodmann's
area 22) of the 146 Korean brains, male 84 and
female 62, from newborn to adult. The thickness,
relative neuron density and realtive glia density of
the cerebral cortex were observed in relation with
the increment of the age and brain weight, and the
results obtained were summarized as follows:
1. The cortical thickness increased rapidly upto the
2-5 year-group, then showed slow increase to the
highest value of the 11-15 year-group, and thereafter
decreased gradually. The thickness of the
cortex in relation with the brain weight showed
relatively rapid increase to reach the value of the
group of 1, 100-1, 1999m in brain weight which
was similar to that of the adult, and slow irregular
increment thereafter.
2. The relative neuron density was highest in the
0-1 year-group and decreased rapidly in the 2-5
year-group which was about half value of that of
the former. It also decreased gradually until the
16-20 year-group showing the density similar to
that of the adult. In relation with the brain
weight, the highest density was found in the
group of the 300-499gm in brain weight. The
density showed relatively rapid decrease until the
group of 900"..,1, 099gm in brain weight, and then
slow decreasing tendency thereafter.
3. The 0-1 year-group showed relatively high density
and it decreased to the minimum in the 2-5
year-group and then increased gradually until it
reached over the value of the 0-1 year-group. As
for the relation between the relative glia density
and the brain weight, it decreased gradually until
the group of 1, 100-1, 1999m in brain weight, and
then it showed gradual increase.
4. The data showed above seemed not to have any sexual and left-right differences.
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