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An Experimental Study on the Therapeutic Effects of 2-Pyrrolidone acetamide in acute Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

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류동준; 윤덕로; 김인달
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1977;18(1):8-13
This experiment is to ascertain the therapeutic
effectiveness of the administration of 2-Pyrrolidone
acetamide in the treatment of acute carbon monoxide
poisoning using rats.
The results are summarized as follows:
1. The administraction of 2-Pyrrolidone acetamide
by subcutaneous injection (1. 5Gm/KG) , to the rats
poisoned with 1% CO for 30 minutes and 60 minutes
to observe the recovery time. ensued in the
'rapid recovery highly significantly compared with
the control group.
2. Although no significance was found statistically,
2-Pyrrolidone acetamide administered group showed
56% and control group 44%; and this resulted 12%
lowering of the fatality rate.
3. In the each experimental group administered 2Pyrrolidone
acetamide by dose of 1. 5Gm/KG, 3.0
Gm/KG and 6,OGm/KG respectively before the
exposure to 1% CO environment to observe the half fatality time, the moat significantly prolonged
half fatality time was observed especially in
the group of 3.0Gm/KG, dose although each of
the experimental group revealed the significantly
prolonged half fatality time compared to the control
4. However, more experimental and clinical studies
have to be done to attain the definite conclusion
on the therapeutic effectiveness of 2-Pyrrolidone
acetamide administration combined with the hyperbaric
oxygenation therapy in acute carbon monoxide
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