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The Effect of Histamine on the Motility of the Isolated Rabbit Ileum

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안승운; 김중수; 장석종; 신동훈
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1977;18(1):21-26
The effect of histamine on the motility was investigated
in the isolated ileum of rabbit. The longitudinal
tension of muscle strips in Ringer-Tyrode's and 1 p.g/
ml histamine solution was recorded on a physiograph
by way of the force transducer (Narco Biosystem,
Model B). Atropine or diphenhydramine was used as
a companion drug.
The motility was represented by the magnitude of
impulse which was obtained from the area beneath
tension curve and contraction frequency which was
counted by the number of rhythmic waves on recor<
ling paper.
The results obtained were as follows:
1. The motility of the rabbit ileum increased in
J'g/ml histamine solution. The effect of histamine on
the motility of the muscle strip was blocked by diphenhydramine.
but not by atropine.
2. The motility of the isolated rabbit ileum was
not influenced by atropine.
3. The motility of the isolated ileum decreased in
1 p.g/ml diphenhydramine.
It was inferred that rabbit ileum might contract
with histamine and relax with diphenhydramine by
their direct effects.
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