심장질환의 외과적 요법에 관한 연구 1. 선천성 심장기형
Surgical Treatment of Heart Disease I. Congenital Heart Malformation(I)

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1977;18(3):171-183
From 1958 to September 30. 1917, 462 cases of
congenital cardiac malformation were operated in this
There were 291 acyanotic and 171 cyanotic heart
anomaly cases.
There were 11 varieties in acyanot ic and 8 in
cyanotic group (Table 1).
In this report 155 cases of PDA. one sinus rupture,
and Doe double aortic arch. cases were presented.
1) Female male ratio is 1. 7 : 1.
2) Children occupy 86.596 of the cases.
3) In 6.5%. associated cardiac anomalies were
found, VSD occupying 3.27%.
4) In 57% pulmonary hypertension was associated.
5) In 1. 996 ductus aneurysm and in 1. 396 SBE
were found.
6) In 93.596 division and suture or multiple suture
ligation were done.
7) Recanalization in 1. 3%, transient hoarsness in
5.2% were found after operation.
8) Overall mortality rate is 4. 5% but excluding 10 cases of open heart surgery it was 2.896.
9) Among 7 cases of death 2 cases of ductus
aneurysm were ruptured during dissection.
Two cases expired due to pulmonary complication
2 days and cue week after operation respectively.
Two cases showed severe pump-lung findings and
died in the PAR.
10) One case of postoperative SBE was noted after
recanalization and expired 3 months after operation.
146 ont of 147 long term surivors showed excellent
B) Ruptured aneurysm of sinus of Valsalva
This is a 22 years old male who had the history
of ruptured aneurysm for one month. Ruptured noncoronary
sinus prolopsed through VSD into right
Ruptured ainus was sutured and VSD patched.
Postoperative result was excellent.
C) This is the first reported case of vascular
ring-double aortic arch-in Korea.
The patient was a 32 years old female who was
explored as a superior posterior mediastinal tumor but
double aortic arch was found.
On the second thoractomy anterior arch was minor,
which was divided.
Postoperatively chest discomfort during food ingestion
was relieved.
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