태아 부신의 소위 동소 발생 부위의 신경 아세포종(In situ Neuroblastoma)의 출현빈도 관찰
Incidence of so-called in situ Neuroblastoma in the Fetal Adrenals

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지제근; 유재형
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1990;21(1):39-44
Neuroblastic cell nests seen in infant adrenal gland
are often called in situ neuroblastoma. The significance
of these neuroblastic cell nests in adrenals of
neonates is still in debate.
It has been the mainpoint of discussion whether
these neuroblastic cell nests could develop into clinical
neuroblastoma, and if so, what would be chance? It
was our purpose to examine the fetal adrenal glands
to determine the incidence of neuroblastic cell nests
in varying gestational periods. A total 113 pairs of adrenal from fetuses ranging from 10 to 42 weeks
and 13 neonates within one week of age were
removed at autopsy and serially sectioned.
The following results were obtained:
l. Neuroblastic cell nests were fairly commonly
seen in fetal adrenal glands, being 37. 2% in overall
2. The incidence of neuroblastic cell nests in fetal
adrenals was remarkably different by different gestational
periods. In general the earlier the gestational
age, more often these cell nests were observed. Full
term fetuses and neonates were almost completely
devoid of neuroblastic cell nests in adrenal glands.
3. Although cytologically neuroblastic cell nests
seen in this study are indistinguishable from clinical
neuroblastoma, these cell nests showed a tendency
of regression in terms of frequency of finding
neuroblastic cell nests as fetal age advances.
4. Neuroblastic cell nests seen in fetal adrenal do
not appear to be normal embryological phenomenon
of adrenal medullary maturation.
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