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Immunotherapy with Tyrosine-adsorbed Vaccine of House Dust Mite in Respiratory Allergies

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강석영; 문희범; 노영무
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1980;21(2):176-186
House dust mite (HDM) as a major antigen in the
house dust is one of the most important offending
allergens in bronchial asthma and allergic rhinitis.
In Korea, Cho et al. found Dermatophagoldes
farinae(53.6%) and D. pteronyssinus in house dust,
which are the main species of house dust mites
responsible for respiratory allergy in many countries
Kang et al. reported that 26% of respiratory
allergic patient in Korea have positive skin reaction
to the extract of D. pteronyssinus in prick test (1979).
Because the avoidance of house dust mites is
practically impossible, the hyposensitization treatment
(immunotherapy) may be the only effective radical
To evaluate the efficacy of the hyposensitization
treatment in HDM sensitized respiratory allergies, we
tried it to 35 patients (18 bronchiala sthma patients, 8
allergic rhinitis patients and 9 combined cases) with
a tyrosine-adsorbed glycerinated extract of D. pteronyssinus,
and the following results were obtained.
L As a whole, the efficacy of the treatment was
substantial in 10 patients (28.6%) and fair in 17
patients (48.6%), so about 77% of the studied
subjects had significant symptomatic reliefs.
2. In relation to the disease entity, the efficacy of
the treatment was substantial in 6 of 18 bronchial
asthma patients and 2 of allergic rhinitis patients.
3. The shorter the duration of the disease is, the
more excellent the efficacy of treatment resulted. If
the duration less than 1 year, 40% of the patients had substantial effect and if it was more than 11
years, no patients got such effect.
4. Almost all of the patients with substantial
effect are below 30 years of age, indicating better
effect in younger age.
5. Seasonal relationship of the symptom & sex
difference had no significant relationship with the
efficacy of the treatment.
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