인 대뇌 중측두회 (Brodmann 제21분야) 봉부피질의 세포구축학적 연구
Studies on Cytoarchitectonics on Summits of Middle Temporal Gyrus(Brodmann's area 21) of human cerebral cortex

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1980;21(3):253-271
Cytoarchitectonics had been studied on summits of
cortex of middle temporal gyrus for 149 normal Korean
male and female, and age ranging from newborn
till 85-year old. Then the cortical thickness and the
cellularities of the summits of adult values were
compared with those of the wall of the same cortex.
The adult cortical thickness of the summits had
bcen shown thicker than the wall's by 1. 22 and 1. 21
times on the left and right sides in male, respectively,
and those of female's were I. 29 and I. 22 times thicker,
The relative cellular densities of neuronal and glial
in summit of adult had also been shown by lower
rates. The rates of the male's 97.1% of the left and
92.7% on the right, and 93.8% and 96.4% in female,
The glial's were also shown lower rates that in
male 84.7% on left and 91.7% on right, and 89.3%
and 92.4% in female had been calculated.
On cytoarchitectural point of view thickening of
same regional gyrus of normal has been filled with
more dispersing neurofibrillar structure stained with
other than for cell body. On view of such expectation
the above facts could suggest us fibrilloarchitectural
investigation for establishment of one of the
other aspects of morphological bases on neurobiology.
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