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Mechanism of Antimicrobial Resistance

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장우현; 이광호
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1980;21(4):315-334
Besides the benefits of antimicrobial agents in the
control of infectious diseases, widespread and prolonged
use of antimicrobial agents has brought out
both the increase of drug-resistant strains in a
communily and the profound changes in the pattern of
infectious diseases. The bacterial resistance to
antimicrobial drugs has become an increasingly
important public health problem in Korea as well.
Studies over the past two decades have greatly
increased our understanding of the mechanisms for dissemination
of resistance genes and of the problem
how efficient is the spread of resistance genes
relative to the amount of selection pressure exerted
by the extensive use of antimicrobial drugs.
With these facts in mind, this review article attempted
to clarify some of the aspects of what we know of
microbial genetics relevant to understanding bacterial
resistance. We pointed out the needs to recognize
where we stand in regard to multiple resistance
problems in Korea, thus to inquire to what conclusions
the accumulated facts in Korea seem to indicate.
and to ascertain in what direction we may look for
successful management of emergence of resistant
pathogenic bacteria in the future.
Finally, it was suggested that there had been a
number of clinial situations in which current methods
to use antimicrobial drugs should be re-evaluated in
light of information concerning the emergence of
multiply resistant gram-negative bacterial infections
in hospital in Korea.
Even though many new powerful antimicrobial
drugs are being and will continue to be developed
for the solution of the serious problem of multiple
bacterial resistance over the coming years, the empirical
treatment of bacterial infections, largely
relying for the most part on the successful past
experience, but not on the adequate laboratory data,
should be abandoned until the discovery of clinically
applicable methods of curing microorganism of resi·
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