흰쥐 발정주기간의 수종 장기 혈류량에 미치는 hCG의 영향
The influence of hCG on the local blood flow through several organs during the estrous cycle in rats

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1980;21(4):353-358
The blood flows of the uterus. heart and liver were
measured by means of "Rb uptake during the estrous
cycle of the rats. The effect of hCG administration
on the now was also observed.
On the day of estrus and diestrus. H<'Rb in the form
of chloride. diluted with physiological saline was intravenously injected in less than 5 seconds.
The rats were sacrificed after 30 seconds by deca·
pitation. 86Rb uptake in about Igrn of each tissue was
measured. On the basis of uptake value. administered
dose and body weight. the local flow are calculated.
Total uterine flow was also derived using the total
uterine weight.
Followings were the results:
I. The fractional uptake of seRb by the uterus at
the time of diestrus was similar with the liver and
appeared to be much higher than that of the body
as a whole.
2. The fractional uptake of "Rb by the uterus
showed no significant change during the estrous cycle
despite the elevated uterine weight found on the day
of estrus.
3. The proportionate uptakes of 86Rb by heart and
liver did not appreciably change during the estrous
cycle. Following hCG administration. the uptakes
by both tissues were also unchanged.
4. hCG injection on the day of proestrus failed
to alter the uterine rubidium uptake and weight on
the day of estrus.
5. When hCG was injected during the latter half
of estrous cycle, an increase in uterine weight occurred.
whereas fractional SORb uptake remained
unaltered and as a consequence, a significant increase
in whole uterine blood flow was observed.
6. Results of this study suggested that:
a) A significant effect of hCG on the day of
diestrus is probably connected with an increased
progesterone secretion.
b) The lower blood flow observed on the day
of estrus of the rats is probably associated with
species differences in patterns of steroid hormone
secretion by ovary.
c) Unaltered uterine blood flow during the estrous
cycle seen in this experiment is probably due
to the wide variation on the day of estrus.
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