병자호란 직후(1637~1644) 朝淸 관계에서 ‘淸譯’의 존재

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서울대학교 규장각한국학연구원
한국문화, Vol.40, pp. 249-282
In this article, the existence and role of the so-called ‘Cheongyeok(淸譯)’ are examined. Since the end of the Byeongja Horan, for 8 years(1637~ 1644) Cheong Dynasty engaged Meong Dynasty troops, and in the process Cheong ordered huge amount of economic and military support from Joseon. In such times, the role of the interpreters was critical, to say the least.

The term ‘Cheongyeok" referred to all the entities engaged in interpreting tasks, including interpreters on both the Joseon side and the Cheong side, and that was because in most cases the interpreters on the Cheong side were Joseon people as well. At the time, Joseon decided to officially serve Cheong, and acknowledge the Manchu language. At the time the study of interpretation of the Manchu language referred to as ‘Cheonghak(淸學)". The books for Cheonghak was written by Shin Kye-am(申繼黯), he was newly learned the Manchu language and script in Shimyang(瀋陽).

During this time, the Crown prince Sohyeon(昭顯世子) of Joseon was held in Shimyang as a hostage. And Joseon was obliged to comply with the requests made by the Cheong dynasty, the Great country. So, a lot of interpreters are active in Shimyang.

Yet the interpreters from Cheong played a much bigger role in communication between the two countries. Among them Jeong Myeong-Su (鄭命壽) was the most famous. Most of the issues or communications regarding Joseon was relayed through him. Dealing with Joseon, he abused his power given to him by Cheong. And Joseon offered him bribery and governmental seats, in order to examine the Cheong situation and be prepared for any future requests. Such events were inevitable when Cheong was threatening and coercing Joseon.
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