Carcinoma of the Bladder

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1983;24(1):1-21
Carcinoma of the bladder appears to be the most
common tumor of the genito-urinary system, but
incidence of this tumor per population is not yet
determined in Korea.
The etiology of the bladder tumor is not known,
in spite of better knowledges about more specific
The treatment of choice has been surgery. The
radiation therapy, chemotherapy and/or immunotherapy
as an alternative or adjunctive measure to sur
gery has recently been tried but the result is not
yet satisfactory.
The grading and staging of the tumor arc imperative
to evaluate the result of treatment and prognosis,
A multidisciplinary approach offers better
result in diagnosis and treatment.
Tbe author carried out an epidemiological study
and reviewed reports of experiences in bladder
tumors from tbe Department of Urology, Seoul
National University Hospital during last 20 years.
We developed a histotopographic technic for analysis
of urothelial lesions adjacent to carcinoma of
urinary bladder, This technic provides valuable information
for proper surgical procedure in regard to
p itient's prognostic factors and for oncogenic relationship
with von Brunn's nest, cystitis cystica , polypoid
cystitis, dysplasia and in situ carcinoma. A
study of 13 total cystectomy specimens using this
technic revealed CIS zone' measuring O. 5 to 2. Oem
in diameter from the overt carcinoma in all cases.
The distribution of CIS was very irregular and CIS
was also noted even in the cases of well differentiated
papillary carcinoma.
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