17-18세기 中國에 전해진 朝鮮의 漢詩

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李, 鍾黙
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서울대학교 규장각한국학연구원
한국문화, Vol.45, pp. 15-49
It is from ImJinWeiLan that Joseon"s Hansi was introduced to China. Some Ming literary men who were followed the Ming troop started to compile the anthology of Joseon Hansi. Some anthologies such ans OMyeongJe(吳明濟)"s JoseonSiSeon(朝鮮詩選), NamBangWi(藍方威)"s JoseonSiSeonJeonJib were appeared and later JeonGyeomIG(錢謙益) reprinted O"s work in his YeolJoSiJib(列朝詩集). From then Joseon"s Hansi was spread out. Also there are SonCiMi"s JoseonCaePongLog(朝鮮採風錄) which Joseon literary man helped to compile. These two books were the source of later anthology of Joseon"s Hansi. Because the famous literary man like WangSaJeong(王士禎), JuIJun(朱彛樽), WuDong(尤侗) quoted Son"s work, JoSeon"s Hansi could be widely spread. There are a lot of JoSeon"s Hansi in EoSeonMyeongSi compiled with the Emperor GangHui"s order. Cheong literary men were concerned with JoSeon"s Hansi consistently. The reason why Chinese literary men were interested in JoSeon"s Hansi was originated from the sense of identical passage and JoSeon"s Hansi was meet the high standard of Hansi.

The anthology of Joseon"s own were compiled to satisfy the need of Chinese literary men. YunGeunSu(尹根壽)"s HaDongSiBuSeon, SongSangGi(宋相琦)"s ByeolBonDongMunSeon, MinBaegSun(閔百順)"s HaeDongSiSeon were such examples. But these anthologies were hardly circulated in China. Chinese literary man directly imported the Joseon literary man"s collection of work, almost simultaneously especially in 18th century. The collection of HeoNanSeolHeon was imported and reprinted in China.

Joseon"s Hansi was recorded in the Chinese literary works but there are some mistakes. NamGuMan(南九萬), YiDeogMu(李德懋), YiSeoGu(李書九) were tried to correct the mistakes in the Chinese literary works and the other side, collected the Joseon"s Hansi in the Chinese literary works such as HaeDongYeogSa(海東繹史). There were tendency that some literary man brought his own works or sent his own to Chinese literary man and received the comment.
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