소아의 재발성 장중첩증
Recurrent Intussusception in infancy and childhood

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박선옥; 서인석; 서정기; 박귀원; 김우기; 연경모
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1983;24(1):106-115
Four hundred and sixty-five patients including 33
patients of one or more recurrence, who was brought
to Seoul National University Hospital during recent
9 years from Sept. 1973 to Aug 1982, were analysed.
Results were as follows. 1. Overall recurrence rate was 7.196, Recurrence
after barium enema reduction was 1296 and after
operation was 2.3%.
2. M:F ratio was 2.06:1 with male predominance.
3. Most frequent age group was 4~6 months old.
83.3% of all cases were below 1 year old age. In
recurrent cases, the most frequent age group was
7~9 months old.
4. About 60% of total cases were seen in summer
and spring.
5. Preceding illness such as V.R.T or enteritis was
present in 29% of cases.
6. Symptom duration of 13~24hours was most frequent.
In 67% of all cases, duration was less than
24hrs. In 55% of recurrent cases, duration was less
than fihrs.
7. Pain was present III 99% of cases, vomiting in
94%, abdominal pain in 56% and bloody stool in
90% of cases.
8. Anemia was present In 16.5% of cases, and
leukocytosis in 5.6% of cases.
9. Location of intussusceptum were transverse coIon
(26. 2%) hepatic flexure(20.590, cecum (20. 5%)
and ascending colon(I6.4%) etc. in order.
10. Barium enema was tried in 402 primary cases
and in 42 recurrent cases. Reduction rate was 60%
of primary cases and 88.1% of recurrent cases. Operation
was performed in 172 primary cases and 5
recurrent cases. Resection rate was 14.5% of all
surgical cases.
11. Pathologic lesions confirmed by operation were,
mesenteric adenitis (41), Peyers patch hyperplasia
(9), Ileocecal band (3), Meckel's diverticulum (2),
Wandering cecum (I), Lymphoma (0.
12. The most frequent time interval to the first
recurrence was 1""6 months after first episode.
13. In addition to 33 patients of recurrence, febrile
convulsion (ficases), postoperative ileus (5 cases),
pneumonia (3 cases) and sepsis (lease) were cornplic
ated. Mortality rate was 0.6%.
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