Development of Polymer Prosthetic Heart Valve - Fabrication and In Vitro Test-
고분자 인공 심장판막의 개발 -제작과 성능실험

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Kim, In Young; Kim, Jong Won; Jung, Dae Young; Kim, Cheol Sang; Min, Byoung Goo
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Seoul National University College of Medicine
Seoul J Med 1991;32(1):35-42
Prosthetic heart valveHydrodynamic testerTrileaflet polymer valveBileaflet polymer valve
Prosthetic heart valves (PHV) with various types and materials have been
developed and used until now, but PHVs have various problems that need improving.
A new type of polymer PHV have been developed to ameliorate these problems. A
hydrodynamic tester has also been developed for the precise evaluation of hydrodynamic
performance of the developed PHV.
PHV are composed of polyurethane, a material commonly used in biomedical materials
because of its good biocompatibility and mechanical properties. To investigate
its hydrodynamic properties, a trileaflet and bileaflet type polymer valve was fabricated.
The results of comparative tests with the 2 polymer valves and a mechanical valve
showed that the trileaflet polymer valve had a better hydrodynamic performance than
the others. Though the bileaflet polymer valve showed a higher pressure drop and regurgitation
than the trileaflet valve due to thicker leaflet flection of the bileaflet valve,
if its fabrication method and design were corrected, a better result could be expected.
For a study of the long-term stability of the PHV, accelerated endurance tests and
stress analysis of PHVs are needed.
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