Effects of magnesium supplementation during preslaughter period in finisher`s diet on pork quality

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서울대학교 대학원
비육돈Finishing pigs황화마그네슘Mgso4염화마그네슘Mgcl2산화마그네슘Mgo마그네슘 글루코네이트Mg-gluconate근육 글리코겐Muscle glycogen헌터측정치Hunter value근육 pHMuscle ph지방산패도Tbars value혈액 코르티졸Blood cortisol
Thesis (master`s)--서울대학교 대학원 :농생명공학부,2004.
This experiment was conducted to evaluate the beneficial effects of various sources of magnesium
on pork quality in finishing pigs. Treatments contained 1) Control (basal diet), 2) Magnesium
sulphate supplementation (basal diet + MgSO4 0.12%), 3) Magnesium chloride supplementation
(basal diet + MgCl2 0.12%), 4) Magnesium oxide supplementation (basal diet + MgO 0.12%) and 5)
Magnesium gluconate supplementation (basal diet + Mg-glu 0.12%), respectively. The experimental
diet and water fed ad libitum 5 days pre-slaughter period.
There was no significant difference in growth performance. A treatment fed MgSO4 showed higher
muscle glycogen concentration than other treatments (p<0.01). No significant difference in
muscle pH was observed, however, hunter L value (40 min of post-mortem) of control group was
lower than that of MgO or Mg-glu treatments significantly (p<0.05). And Hunter L* value (24 hr,
post-mortem) in control group and MgSO4 treatments were lower than that of MgO and Mg-glu
treatment significantly (p<0.05). Hunter a* value of Mg-glu addition at 18 hr post-mortem were
higher than control, MgSO4 and MgCl2 treatments (p<0.05). Hunter b* value at 18 hr of postmortem
in control and MgSO4 treatment was lower than MgO and Mg-glu treatments (p<0.05). And
b* value at 24 hr post-mortem of control group and MgSO4 treatment were lower than MgO, MgCl2
and Mg-glu treatments significantly (p<0.05). Although there were no differences among
treatments on blood cortisol, it seemed that MgSO4 incorporation was effective on reducing
stress response during rearing stage. No significant differences were found among treatments on
TBARS value. However, the value was the lowest in Mg-glu treatment (7 day, post-mortem). The
value of TBARS in pork were generally increased by storage time but it was maintained low level
when pigs were fed Mg regardless of sources.
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