Frequency-time domain transmit power adaptation for multicarrier system in fading channels

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Jang, Jiho; Lee, Kwang Bok; Lee, Yong-Hwan
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Institution of Engineering and Technology
Electronics Letters, 2002, 38, (5), pp.218-220, 28-Feb-2002
Multicarrier transm~ssion systems have aroused great
interest in recent years as a potential solution to the problem of
transmitting high rate data over the wireless channel [l, 21. The
principle of a multicarrier transmission is to split a high rate data
stream into a number of lower rate streams, which are then simultaneously
transmitted on a number of subcarriers. In a multicarrier
system, when the channel state information (CSI) is available at the
transmitter, the transmit power for each subcarrier can be adapted according to the CSI, to increase the channel capacity. In [3], the
transmit power adaptation for a multicarrier system was performed in
the frequency domain within the constraint of total transmit power. In
[4], an adaptive multicarrier modulation technique was proposed‘in a
fading channel, where transmit rate and power are adapted in both
time and frequency to maximise data rates under a fixed BER
constraint. In this Letter, we analytically derive the optimal transmit
power adaptation method to maximise the channel capacity of a
multicarricr system in a time-variant fading channel, To exploit the
fading channel characteristics such as frequency selectivity and time
variation, the optimisation process is performed jointly in the
frequency and time domains under the constraint of average transmit
power. Comparisons between the frequency-time domain power
adaptation and the frequency domain power adaptation are made.
The relationship between the channel capacity of a multicarrier
system and that of a single-carrier system with optimal transmit
power adaptation is also shown.
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