A P2P File Sharing Network Topology Formation Algorithm Based on Social Network Information

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Altmann, Jorn; Bedane, Zelalem
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IEEE International Workshop on Network Science For Communication Networks, in conjunction with IEEE Infocom 2009, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, April 2009
social network analysispeer-to-peereconomicsnetwork sciencefree-ridingfile sharingsociologyNATsutilityGnutellaFirewallsnetwork economicsincentive mechanisms
This paper applies the theory of social networks to P2P
systems, creating a social-network-based P2P network topology
formation algorithm for file sharing. The algorithm extends the
Gnutella P2P file sharing technology, which uses super nodes for
searching and for relaying shared files between network leafs
that are located behind Firewalls/NATs. The topology of the P2P
network is based on the actual social relationship between peers
(users). The idea is that users are willing to contribute their
resources to a P2P network if they know that their resources
directly benefit their friends and family. Following this approach,
free-riding in P2P networks will be avoided by not providing
better-than-basic service if peers do not reveal their social
relationships. Within the paper, we simulate the proposed
topology formation algorithm, considering the real
characteristics of the Gnutella P2P network and realistic network
topologies. The simulation shows the effectiveness of the topology
formation algorithm and the high utility of nodes under this new
file sharing scheme.
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